There are so many varieties and styles of coffee we thought it was time to 'special' the tea drinkers. You  can relax over a substantial pot (almost three cups) of leaf tea served just for you on a bamboo tray with your own mini milk jug and tea cup & saucer. 

Our standard tea is the Fairtrade Breakfast, but we have many other intriguing blends: Red Berry, Apple loves Mint (with tiny rosebuds), Peppermint (full size peppermint leaves giving a fresh picked soothing taste), Earl Grey blue Flower (Fairtrade - best EG I've tasted), Green Tea with Ginsing, Chamomile, Green Rooibus Citrus, Lemongrass & Ginger Twist (with liquorice)  

However if you are in a hurry or feel like slumming it a bit, we serve Fairtrade Rosie Tea in a mug.

So now for the Coffee Drinkers!

Our Espresso Beans supplied by Matthew Algie of Glasgow are Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified and delicious! We serve all the usual coffees - Espresso, macchiato, Americano, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha. and any other you have tasted somewhere else that we haven't heard about yet. We use semi skimmed or skimmed milk as you prefer. We also have cream available.

Flavoured Lattes are very popular we include: Vanilla, Hazlenut, Caramel, Gingerbread,Spiced Chai, Coconut, Cinnamon,Butterscotch, Almond, Peppermint and Orange which you can also have in Chocolate.

Maybe its a really cold evening and you would prefer to curl up on one of our sofas with a Fairtrade Organic Chocolate Abyss! Regular or large with marshmallows heaped on top? A swirl of cream?

All coffee'd out?

Try a Fruitbroo hot drink made with real fruit juices and only 50 calories. Our favourites are Rhubarb Apple & Cinnamon and Honey & Lemon (good for sore throats).

But then again it might be the hot Dunoon sun that drives you in for a cool drink from the selection displayed in our cold cabinet or ask for our Summer Specials made with our own ice cream, Frappes milkshakes in many flavours and blends.

Too heavy on the calories? Fruit smoothies to the rescue! Mango, Peach. Strawberry or Summerfruits.

All coffees and tea can be served decaffeinated and made with skimmed milk or soya.

 ..And to eat..

We make our own soup everyday mostly vegetarian but occasionally lentil & ham or cock a leekie, served with a crusty roll or home made cheese and herb scone. Wednesday special: weightwatchers soup (zero points)

Our own Panninis, toasties and sandwiches are displayed in our chiller for you to choose, we'll toast and serve them with some tortilla chips & coleslaw. Or you can choose a Baked Potato with a selection of fillings and a salad garnish.

Our bacon rolls are delicious cooked just the way you choose - crispy or lightly done.

So that just leaves the sweet treats! 

Home made scones fruit plain or treacle,croissants, toasted teacakes and danish pastries.Traybakes and gateaux...


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